Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hubs update

Hubs is at home, resting as comfortably as possible. He had some trouble coming out of the anethesia, which is always scary.

He now has about 8" of rubber tubing coming out of his abdomen; this is what the dialysis needle will be hooked up to. He will start dialysis in 3-4 weeks. He will be attempting Peritoneal Dialysis which is done at home; which scares the crud out of me. I am so worried he will have a problem with sterilization and possible infection.

I'm staying home with him for a few days. He keeps insisting he will be back to work before the week is out. I'm afraid of him pushing himself too much. *sigh*


Tee said...

Sweetie, be encouraged. I had a close friend and co-worker that was on dialysis for several years (before getting his transplant) and it was the type that required the machine that totally exchanged his blood. Very seldom did he have to go to a center for dialysis, all of it was done at home. Hubs will do fine, just take the usual precautions against infection and he'll do fine. :-)

Melisa said...

Ooh, I have missed alot! My prayers are with your family! I'm sure he will be fine. (((hugs)))

Sue said...

I can imagine your fear. I am sure after a few times, it will be a piece of cake. It must be so scary for you know though.
Hang in there, xxxxooooo

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your husband, but glad to hear he's home. Thanks also for visiting my blog. Hope the HD radio works out for you as well.

foolery said...

Oh, Kathy, I haven't visited in a few days. I hope all goes smoothly.

Moi said...

Is this what happens when I don't visit for a few days?

My goodness! My thoughts are with you and yours.