Sunday, August 31, 2008

Late afternoon adventure

I was working around the house today, getting ready for the construction to start up again this week. Darling Daughter was getting a little cabin fever, so mid-afternoon we set out on a drive, no destination in mind. One of us will say, "Let's get lost" and we set out.

Today we ended up in Boston at Logan Airport. We ate at the airport and watched planes take off.

Here are a couple of blurry pictures taken with my crappy high tech cell phone camera.

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed

This morning I was scheduled to usher at church. This means you arrive a half hour early, turn on the elevator, turn on the lights, turn on the sound system, light the candles, and hand out the bulletins as folks arrive. Unfortunately, I stayed up late the night before, as I couldn't put my book down. I got out of bed already running late, and jumped in the shower.

Got out of the shower, frantically drying off and looking for underwear at the same time. Couldn't find any. What the heck? Then I remembered that I had done laundry the evening before and they were still in the dryer, downstairs in the cellar.

Everyone else was still asleep. I went downstairs to retrieve my clean undies from the dryer. (Did I mention I was still nekkid? How's THAT for putting a lovely picture in your head!) I reached in the dryer and discovered that everything was still wet. Apparently when I asked Darling Daughter to go downstairs the night before and put the clothes in the dryer - she didn't.

I turned on the dryer but realized I really didn't have time - I was already late for church, so I reached in and grabbed one pair and headed back upstairs to get dressed.

And that, my friends, is how I came to be sitting in church with wet underwear. It was, shall we say....memorable.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Naked Bagel (maker)

Ok, so I didn't actually MAKE the bagel, I merely toasted it.

I was on the phone with my mom until after 1am last night. (It had been a long time since we'd talked and there was a lot to talk about!) I got up much later than usual today (sleep! I had some!) and so took my shower late in the morning.

As I was toweling off after my shower, the phone rang. It was Darling Daughter's BFF. Which meant she would be on the phone in her room for a L-O-N-G time. (I wonder where she gets her 'long phone conversation' gene from?)

Since it was much later in the morning than I usually get up, my tummy was growling. I got this great (yeah right) idea. Darling Daughter's busy on the phone in her room ... I could sneak out and pop a bagel in the toaster and get it back to my room and THEN get dressed. Did I mention I was nekkid?

As so often happens when I put one of my brilliant ideas into play ... it didn't work out so great.

While still chatting on the phone, Darling Daughter came into the kitchen and caught me red handed (and bare assed) in front of the toaster.


Oh, the humanity!

Of course every detail was shared instantly with her BFF.

Ah ... the memories we create for our children. My nekkid bagel-making will not be soon forgotten.

Good times, good times.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Evening's Excitement

I picked Darling Daughter up at school about 5pm, after her Field Hockey practice. We went out to dinner in a larger town, then headed back to Tiny Town. I take the "back way" everywhere, so the trip involved going through the neighborhoods of several towns.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a hot air balloon floating very low over houses and trees. It was so low at one point we pulled to the side of the road and jumped out to watch - it looked like they were looking for a place to land and that it might be that very back yard! Then they turned on the burner and they went up a bit, coasted around the neighborhood, barely skimming tree tops. We followed in the car, winding around neighborhood streets. At first we were the only ones that seemed to know it was there, but as it got lower and lower, and the noise of the burner caught people's attention, eventually everyone came out of their house to see.

We followed it for some time before I thought to hand my cell phone to Darling Daughter and tell her to take some pictures. The trees are so thick we had to wait until we found a clear shot. Here are two photos taken by Darling Daughter (she wanted me to be sure and let you know that SHE took the pictures!!)

And I'm sure I don't have to point this out...but it was a lovely shade of PINK!!!!

Sleep. I hear it's pretty great...

I'm tired. I'm always tired. I yawn all day. I sigh with weariness as I tote that barge, lift that bale*. If I'm always so tired - why is it I can't sleep at night? Well, ok, I do sleep SOME. But no more than five hours a night. And it's killin' me!

Today is a good example. Yesterday I worked at both Job # 1 and Job # 2.(I should mention, I'm a desk jockey - these are not strenuous jobs). I left Job # 2 at 7:15 pm and immediately went to an evening meeting, which didn't end until about 9:30 pm. I came home tired; went to be about 11pm. By 3:30 am I was wide awake and have been ever since (It's currently 5:50 am). I can't fall asleep for the life of me. But I guarantee you that when I'm driving to work at Job # 1, I'm going to be yawning and wishing I could take a nap.

I'm sure this ties in to getting older. Everything seems to be connected to getting older. Can you tell turning 50 is bothering me just a little bit?????

Well, here it is, time to wake Darling Daughter and get our day started. And guess what? I just cut loose with a giant yawn.

* "Ol' Man River", from the musical "SHOWBOAT"
Ol' Man River, Dat Ol' Man River,
He mus' know sumpin', But don't say nuthin',
He jes' keeps rollin', He keeps on rollin' along.
He don' plant taters, He don' plant cotton,
An' dem dat plants 'em Is soon forgotten,
But Ol' Man River, He jes' keeps rollin' along.
You an' me, we sweat an strain, Body all achin' an' racked wid pain -
Tote dat barge!Lift dat bale! Git a little drunk, An' you land in jail...
Ah gits weary An' sick of tryin'; Ah'm tired of livin'An' skeered of dyin',
But Ol' Man River, He jes' keeps rollin' along.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mama's having a pity-party

Today, Darling Daughter heads off to school.

She is officially an 8th grader, her last year of Junior High. She's nearly as tall as I am (She's 5' 6-1/2", I'm 5'8") and has transformed into a beautiful young woman.

When did this happen? What happened to my baby girl?

I became a mother late in life. In all honestly I decided years before that I never wanted children. Other people had children and most of them annoyed the heck out of me. Co-workers would have babies, bring them in to the office for a visit, and ask me if I'd like to hold the baby...and I always said no.

What did I know? Or rather, what didn't I know? For one thing, I didn't know that when you have a child of your own, your love for that child is so strong and all-encompassing that it eliminates all those other "annoying-child" distractions.

I had Darling Daughter late in life, and I didn't even know I wanted children. However, because I was older, with more life experience, I knew enough to savor every moment with this little creature who now owned my heart. I knew time was fleeting, and I cherished my time with her.

As she was an only child, The Hubs insisted she go to nursery school. He said she needed to interact with other children. He was right, of course. But my heart wanted her home with me for as long as possible. Nursery school turned to Kindergarten which became Elementary school. I went back to work part-time but I still had my summers free. Darling Daughter and I would go on what we called Our Adventures. The Hubs is a workaholic so I made it a point to show Darling Daughter that there was more to life and the world than Tiny Town.

Time passed, and she grew up, and grew more independent, and then the teen years started and she didn't want to spend time with me at ALL. I remembered feeling the same way about my parents so I understood. But that didn't make it any easier.

Last summer she became a Creature Of The Night. She went to Girl Scout Moonlight Camp, which meant they stayed up till the wee hours and slept most of the day. Coming home after a week of this camp changed her sleep pattern completely. I might see her if I got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night - otherwise, she slept till noon, or later if she could. I tried to break her of it, but couldn't. I felt like I spent the whole summer waiting for her to wake up and come with me someplace - any place! But she didn't snap out of it until school started. There were no more Adventures.

At the beginning of this summer, I began a new job which entailed working during the summer. I hated the thought of Darling Daughter being home alone every day, but after the experience of LAST summer, decided maybe it wasn't such a big deal. The job is part-time and I'd probably be home shortly after she got up. Still, I worried.

But a surprising thing happened. She actually wanted to be with me. (Not that she would admit it, you understand). By mid-July she'd come to work with me occasionally . (That's one of the great things about working for a church-they understand children exist and are part of our lives!) By the first of August she was coming with me every day. She brings her laptop and some books; there's an empty office she spends her time in. She occasionally comes across the hall to give me a hug or touch base about something.

It's been WONDERFUL. We have made a habit of swinging through a drive-up window each morning, I get my iced coffee and she gets a muffin. On the drives to and from work we sing along to CD's (Stevie Nicks and Elvis are our current favorites). We joke and laugh. We run errands together after work. On a couple of Fridays we even had pizza delivered to the office for lunch (there are no restaurants in Tiny Town, so Darling Daughter has rarely experienced "delivery").

Now - today - she goes back to school. It's like a double-whammy. Not only do I have the mother-sadness that goes with sending your child off to school, but I'm really going to miss my "sidekick". We've spent more one-on-one time this summer than we have in a long time. I feel like I just got my kid back and now she's off again.

Dang, motherhood is hard.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: The Class of 2013

The Class of 2013
Fire Safety Week, 1998
Darling Daughter is 2nd from left

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mama is doin' the HAPPY DANCE!

I loves me some Mexican food. My first husband (Have I mentioned that there was a The Hubs, version 1? Trust me - we were infants!) was from southen California and his family really got me hooked on homemade Mexican food. We cooked a Mexican meal for dinner a couple of times a week, and tacos once a week. We even fried our own tortillas.

At that time, it was hard to find many of our favorite brands or spices, so when the grandparents of The Hubs vs. 1 came to visit us in Oregon, they brought us care packages of our favorite sauces, and even brought us tortillas as they were hard to find in Oregon. It was a great day in our household when we finally started finding our favorite products on the store shelves in Oregon. (That was the late 70's, early 80's. Now, it's very common place.)

In 1993 I moved to New England to marry The Hubs vs. 2. (yes, there was a divorce in between husbands. And four years of dating a very sexy Navy guy! Pardon me, I need to take a little mind vacation.) .................. (ok...I'm back)

Where was I...yes...1993, moved to New England...and guess what? No Mexican products on store shelves. Not even any Mexican restaurants! Cuban, yes. Puerto Rican, definitely. Brazillian, affirmative. But Mexican? The only Mexican restaurant I could find was in another state! (Fortunately the states are small back here) I would make The Hubs vs. 2 drive me from our home in Massachusetts to this restaurant in New Hampshire. Sometimes we'd get there and it would be closed. Or it wouldn't open for another two hours. Or the owners had gone to Florida for January.

When I went home to Oregon for visits I would buy my favorite taco sauce, carefully wrap it up, and bring it back in my suitcase. Any visitors from out west were required to do the same - bring me my sauce! (This was obviously before every item in suitcases had to be picked up and inspected by Security).

In 1997, when we got the internet at home, I started ordering my favorite sauce online and had it shipped to me. Which was a pain. Until fairly recently, the shipping costs were as much as the product (heavy glass bottles needing special packing). I did this right up through July of this year.

One time I was actually able to find my taco sauce in a grocery store, but it was a fluke. They never carried it again. My daughter looked at my face when I realized it wasn't on the grocery shelf the next time I shopped, and said, "Mom, you look like you're gonna CRY!"

Perhaps you underestand my jubilation when last week, while shopping at a major New England grocery chain I was able to find my favorite taco sauce on the shelf! I feel I must give a big shout-out to SHAW'S Supermarkets for making me one happy mama! Shaw's, you have made a new and loyal customer in me!

And here is my Holy Grail. .. La Victoria Taco Sauce.

And when I finally begin seeing THIS in the local grocery stores...

I will think I've died and gone to heaven.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Original Seatbelt

My new car has the annoying feature that if the car is in drive, and you move forward, it BING BING BINGs loudly until you fasten your seatbelt. Since I've worn a seatbelt religiously since it became law when I was living in California (about 1985) I didn't think this would be an issue. But when you're doing quick "in and out" things like repositioning cars in the driveway, that BING BING BING gets real annoying, real fast. Still, annoying as it is, I think it's a good feature, because I definitely put on the belt just to shut the damn thing up.

Darling Daughter and I were running errands today. Of course every time we got back in the car we put on our seatbelts. We even wore them in the car wash. We didn't really NEED to as the car was in neutral, but it was force of habit.

This got me thinking (yup, I'm thinking again) about how friggin' OLD I am (with 50 coming up in a few days, everything makes me think how friggin' old I am) that I can remember when cars didn't even HAVE seatbelts. In fact I remember when my family got our first car that had seatbelts. It was pretty exciting. How modern! (the term high-tech hadn't been invented yet). (Damn, I'm old!) (In another post I'll tell you about when we got our first color television set. Good times!)

Even with seat belts in the new car, they were only lap belts. Which brings me to the title of this post.

Is anyone else old enough to remember when you were a kid and riding in the front seat of the car, and your mom had to suddenly stop, her right arm would whip out and across your chest to stop you from falling off the seat and flying through the windshield? (Good God, that was one long, continous sentence)

My daughter couldn't believe it, as I demonstrated the technique to her. In fact her first instinct was to bat my hand away. ("What the heck are you DOING, Mom??")

Herewith, I would like to extend to all the moms of a certain age, who were in fact the ORIGINAL SEATBELTS, a big THANK YOU! I'm sure lives were saved thanks to your actions!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now what was I going to post about???

I have so many great (yes, I said it - GREAT!) ideas for blog posts pop into my head during the course of the day (or week). As I'm driving along (or at work) I'll get an idea. I'll think, "HEY! That would be a great blog post!" And as I'm driving or typing or lugging boxes of newsletters to the bulk-mail postal office, I'll carry the idea a bit further. I'll develop a story line; my mind will wander to key points I want to mention.

Then in the evening when I'm home with the laptop before me, I'm all "What the heck was it I wanted to write about?" Hmm. What was that great idea? And my mind is all ...."We got nuttin,' honey."

THEN my mind is the Death Valley of ideas. It's a dry, hot place, with lots of sand blowing in the wind and the occasional bleached cow skull. It would actually make a pretty cool Pink Floyd album cover.

What is UP with that? Is it menopause? Is it middle age? It is stupidity? I haven't ruled out any of those possibilities

I've read that by this stage of life (a horrible phrase if ever I've heard one) that we've taken in so much information during our life that our brains are overflowing with data, and it takes it upon itself (how RUDE) to eliminate the excess. Sort of like if our brains were a drinking glass that begins to fill with data as soon as we're born and as the glass gets fuller and fuller, the data near the top tends to overflow the glass and run down the drain.

(Wow, what sort of mind-altering drug was in my soy milk this morning?)

Anyway. Now I think of my blog as the blog eqivalent of George and Jerry's television show concept: A show (blog) about nothing.

Unless I can get me one of those helmet computers like the dad in the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids".

Which is not so much this.....

As it is, this....

Although with my Death Valley brain, I'd probably need this....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is funny. Srsly.

At my request, the Sexton at Job # 1 installed motion detectors in the restrooms near my office. It's pretty great - except - he didn't make the "time on" very long. So just about the time a person (Moi) gets settled on the toilet seat, the light goes out.

So there I sit, on the throne, in the dark, waving my arms around like a crazy woman to make the lights come back on.

I laugh when I'm doing it, and it makes me laugh just to think about it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quote of the day (I mean, my life!)

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"
Michael Corleone
"The Godfather, Part III

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"
Silvio Dante
The Sopranos

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"
George Constanza

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

Me - Kathy Likes Pink

I left my previous job here in Tiny Town as Church Secretary last May. In June I began work as Church Secretary at a much larger and farther-away church. I enjoy the work, and it's fast paced so the days go by quickly. I work 9am to 2pm (although I often stay later than 2pm as there's so much to get done).

For several reasons, my previous church employer has not yet filled the job I left. The new church year is coming up fast (September 7) and things are starting to get a little dicey without a secretary. To make a long story even longer (sorry!) we've worked out an arrangement where I will do the secretarial work in late afternoon after I leave my first job.

My life is a little busy these days. I enjoy the work (all of it!) and so far feel like it's going well - other than answering the phone at job # 2 as "First Congregational Church" when in fact I was at "First Parish Church". Adding to the mental confusion, before moving to New England I worked for a bank out west called First Interstate Bank, and that slips out every now and then when I answer the phone at one of the churches. (Why must all my employers be named FIRST yada yada??????)

My posts have been a little few and far between - hopefully I will soon be back in the swing of things! My dear readers reader, I hope you will stay with me while I work at getting my time (and life!) in balance.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

7 Random Things

I was tagged by Sue over at "As Cape Cod Turns" for the "7 Random Things" meme. It's late and I'm tired so I will just see where my wandering mind takes me...

1. I've always loved old houses. Then I spent 15 years living in an old, unfinished house. Now I realize I love completed houses.

2. Last night I found a nice photo of my home town online (Eugene, Oregon) and now that is now my laptop wallpaper.

3. We had a new dumpster delivered today, for the next round of construction, and I was as happy as a kid on Christmas morning! Don't stand in one place too long, I may toss you in!

4. The thought of leaving my 40's behind depresses me. Which is wierd, because ENTERING my 40's kind of depressed me.

5. I have a sweet tooth, but chocolate isn't really my thing. I'm more of a vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche kind of girl.

6. Even though I am a Church Secretary, I swear like a sailor. Actually, I dated a sailor for four years - I swear WORSE than a sailor. (I'm not proud of it)

7. It's confirmed - I DO have the sense of humor of an adolescent boy. I went to see "Step-Brothers" - alone! - while Darling Daughter and her BFF were at the Batman movie.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Is this grounds for divorce?

Every night, this is The Hubs routine:

Place stainless steel commuter mug on counter.


Place ice cube in hand.

No not this Ice Cube...

These ice cubes...

Grab spoon from drawer.

Using back side of spoon, hit ice cubes in the other hand.


Drop crushed ice into stainless steel cup.


Then he sits down to watch television, and chews the crushed ice.


Every night, he goes through this routine several times before the evening is over.









By the end of the evening, I'm ready for some ice myself:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Proof I am old, # 1

The Music Director at work has been vacationing in France for the past month. He called the office today to go over a few things with me.

When I got off the phone, I said, "Malcolm just called from France, and it was as clear as if he was next door!"

How old does that make me? That in my mind, transatlantic calls are fuzzy connections? And for that matter, does anyone even use the term "Transatlantic Call" anymore?

Good grief. Next thing you know, I'll be needing an ear trumpet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Would YOU have told him?

Every year, on the morning we leave our little vacation cottage, we take a family picture on the front steps. Sometimes they are self-portraits using the timer; sometimes they are taken by guests who've stayed with us. I had intended to post this year's photo here on my blog, but now I feel I can't. Let me explain...

The last night we were on vacation, The Hubs came in from a day of sailing. He took a shower and changed clothes. I wasn't really paying attention as I was in the kitchen getting dinner started.

I was standing at the kitchen sink and glanced out the window when I heard the front door close. I saw The Hubs walking away from the cottage. I asked Darling Daughter where he was off to - she replied that he was going down to the mooring to do something with the boat.

Then I did a double-take. He was wearing a pumpkin-colored t-shirt that I had never seen him wear before. The Hubs is a conservative Yankee and bright colors are NOT his thing.

It also struck me that the t-shirt was noticeably too large for him. He has lost about 30 pounds due to his kidney disease, so I'm used to clothes not fitting him the way they used to. But this just looked...odd.

"I've never seen your dad wear ORANGE before," I said to Darling Daughter.

"He said the shirt had been in his drawer for three years and he had never worn it, and he decided to bring it on vacation and wear it," she replied.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The color...the odd shape...the stitching on the sleeves...the scoop neck. He was wearing one of MY t-shirts, that I'd bought at Lane Bryant a few years back, to wear to work on Halloween! That was part of why it looked so odd on him - it was a woman's cut. His back was to me so I couldn't see if the boob area was stretched out.

The Hubs is a quiet, shy guy. I'm sure he would've been embarrassed if I told him he was walking around the neighborhood in a woman's t-shirt. And at this point he was too far away to call back.

Eventually he wandered back, and we had dinner. I sat across from him the entire meal, thinking about that t-shirt (that he was still wearing). I decided not to say anything, as all that remained of the day was some packing, a little reading, and then bed.

The next morning was relaxed as we had packed the night before. We loaded up the vehicles and were ready to go. All that was left was our customary "last day photo."

And I'll be danged if The Hubs didn't step out for the photo wearing that darn ladies t-shirt again!

At that point I figured I was screwed. If I said something now it might raise the question of why I hadn't told him the night before.

So a neighbor took our vacation-end photo, with a rather scowling 13 year old ("Mom, I HATE smiling for pictures!") and The Hubs wearing a Lane Bryant pumpkin colored t-shirt with a scoop neck and decorative stitching on the sleeve.

Just for the record, I'm pulling that shirt out of the laundry and throwing it away. Getting rid of the evidence, you might say.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life is SO not a vacation!

Today it was back to work for me. It was a bit of a challenge at first, it's a rainy, overcast day, and I am used to sleeping in on vacation - it all contributed to a feeling of being fuzzy headed, but I soon got back into the swing.

Then after work, had the rush of getting Darling Daughter ready and off we went to her Orthodontist appointment. Which was three towns away.

Then an errand to a town even further away.

Capped off by a committee meeting than ran from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.

I can't believe I actually felt bored those last couple days of vacation, and thought about coming home early!

Calgon, take me away!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Day of Vacation

All good things must come to an end, even vacation. Unfortunately there's never an easy end to ours, as The Hubs has to get his toy boat out of the water and load it up on the trailer. It's a two person job, so Darling Daughter and The Hubs are busy for about an hour with the process. (Even tiny sailboats are a LOT of work!)
In the meantime, I get to wander around and take photos.

Here's where The Hubs puts the toy boat in and out ...

Here's the ferry arriving from Martha's Vineyard

While I was taking pictures of the ferry, I noticed this and I had to smile...

Meanwhile, under the nearby tree...

They were very tame and friendly!

The Hubs truck, loaded with the kayaks...

Still have to put the mast down but we're almost ready to go...

And before too long, this was in our rear view mirror as we were crossing the Bourne bridge headed for home...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Attempt to Explain Parenthood to Darling Daughter

Darling Daughter is an only child. She's 13, and we are in the midst of that great experiment of allowing more independence. She's straining at the bit to do things on her own, while my mind replays news footage of teenage girls being abducted.

I was a Girl Scout leader for three years, and we constantly emphasized the buddy system. I'm still a firm believer in it. The truth is, I will allow her and her BFF more freedom than I allow Darling Daughter on her own.

We encourage her to invite friends along when we have vacations or excursions; unfortunately this week her BFF was unable to come along. This has meant more than a few mild arguments over what I will allow her to do on her own.

One day while The Hubs was off sailing, Darling Daughter and I went on a drive down Cape. Darling Daughter didn't want to go anywhere, so that was my first challenge. My destination was Cape Cod National Seashore. It was beautiful. Darling Daughter was bored.

In reviewing our pictures of the day, it occurred to me that one photo really summed up what it's like to be a parent, and of course I decided I had to blog it! (Photo will enlarge if you click on it)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life Without The Internet

We are in week two of vacation. This is only the 3rd time I've been on the internet since we got here. Twice I was able to connect wirelessly with my laptop from the cottage. Both times it was before a storm - I'm not sure if that made a difference or it was a coincidence. Today I am sitting in the office of the resort using their old and funky desktop that they make available for guests on a very limited basis.

I really can't remember experiencing such a long stretch without internet access, at least not since we first went online at home in 1996 or 1997. I'm definitely going through some withdrawal pains. And that nervous twitch near my eye is very obvious.

I admit that I spend more time on the internet than I should. I've always thought that if we didn't have the internet at home I would no doubt have a fabulously clean house. And I'd probably be a lot thinner.

It's rather remarkable how the internet has become such a part of my life. Here are a few examples of when the nervous tic has shown itself:

I really like the quilt on the bed here at the resort. I read the tag - Laura Ashley - I'll check the Macys website ... twitch

I can't remember the recipe for the marinade, I'll just google it ... twitch

What time does the movie begin at the local theater? Let's just pull up their website ... twitch

What are the hours of the local library? Let's check online ... twitch

Not to mention, I'm WAY behind in all my blog reading! twitch twitch twitch

On the plus side, I've read five books and am well into my 6th.

Maybe if another storm blows in, I'll be able to connect from my own laptop again, and I can post more photos.

Until then -

So long .... farewell ... auf wiederschauen ... goodbye!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello from Cape Cod

I know a photo op when I see one - thank goodness for ZOOM...

We're just beginning our second week here at the Cape. The cold that I started a couple of days before heading down turned out to be more than just a cold. I'm only beginning to feel more like myself, and I still tire easily. This is the first year in 14 years that I've been sick while I've been here. I haven't even spent much time on the beach - very unlike me!

Some of the gorgeous hydrangeas found at the Cape

But when Darling Daughter wanted to go out on her boogie board, the mother instinct kicked in big-time and I had to be there to watch over her until she came back ashore safely...

Some of the shells on the beach...

Internet connection is intermittant. When we get home I'm going to have a lot of blog reading to catch up on!