Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Attempt to Explain Parenthood to Darling Daughter

Darling Daughter is an only child. She's 13, and we are in the midst of that great experiment of allowing more independence. She's straining at the bit to do things on her own, while my mind replays news footage of teenage girls being abducted.

I was a Girl Scout leader for three years, and we constantly emphasized the buddy system. I'm still a firm believer in it. The truth is, I will allow her and her BFF more freedom than I allow Darling Daughter on her own.

We encourage her to invite friends along when we have vacations or excursions; unfortunately this week her BFF was unable to come along. This has meant more than a few mild arguments over what I will allow her to do on her own.

One day while The Hubs was off sailing, Darling Daughter and I went on a drive down Cape. Darling Daughter didn't want to go anywhere, so that was my first challenge. My destination was Cape Cod National Seashore. It was beautiful. Darling Daughter was bored.

In reviewing our pictures of the day, it occurred to me that one photo really summed up what it's like to be a parent, and of course I decided I had to blog it! (Photo will enlarge if you click on it)


MoziEsmé said...

That is a great photo - having to let our kids go off into dangerous territory, just because they choose to and we can't keep them small forever.

noble pig said...

Yes, I do believe you totally summed it up. Oh, it's so hard isn't it. It's terrifying.

Melisa said...

Love it! Very symbolic.

Just let out that rope slow and easy...she'll (and you'll!) be fine!

Tee said...

Scary to give her a little wiggle room. Understand the buddy system completely. Even when I was a kid we always had to have a buddy with us and that was LONG time ago. Even more important now days.

julie said...

she has to push you away and you have to hold on. we're made that way. Either God screwed up on it, or the whole thing works out to a perfect blend of them leaving us at the perfect time. I think you'll find it will all work out perfectly.

Either that or I've completely messed up on mine! :-)

Sue said...

Such a great picture and it totally sums parenthood up, doesn't it? Ugh, growing up is hard.