Sunday, March 2, 2008

My husband’s True Love

Why does it seem that every blog I read, the husbands all sound perfect and loving and supportive and…and….PERFECT? Am I the only one out here with a challenge for a husband?

We live in an old house on 8+ acres. My husband is a very smart man, an engineer who designs computer chips for a living. Yet, he always yearned to take a walk on the wild side. I only wanted him to be happy. That’s when I made my mistake. I weakened.

I can pinpoint exactly when things changed in our relationship. It was when SHE came into our lives. Oh sure, he’d talked about her, or friends of hers, for ages. I knew where his interests lie. Sure, she’s cute. She’s up for any challenge. She’s a little temperamental, which only means he gives her even MORE attention. Still, I didn’t think it was going to upset our family dynamic as much as it did.

Here's a picture of the two of them together...

This is the "other woman" in my husband's life.

At one time my husband's hobby was renovating this old house of ours. Those of you married to engineers will understand this immediately - being an engineer, he knew no one would be able to do the work as perfectly as he could. No professional contractor for us, no way!

Of course he didn't take into consideration that he is a workaholic who gets a nervous tic if he is away from the office for too long. So, yes, he COULD do all this work, but does he have TIME to do it? (that's a big NO, good buddy).

But I digress.

Ever since The Other Woman came into our lives, progress on the house renovation came to a complete stand still. Putting up sheet rock is boring when you could be outside moving dirt and REAL ROCKS around! (The point of moving all those rocks around escapes me - other than the chance to drive the tractor, I mean.)

So it's been a love/hate relationship between me and The Other Woman. I just know that if they made an indoor tractor, my house would be DONE, baby, DONE!

But now that we're a few years older, I've let my feelings soften towards her.

Yesterday's snowfall was a wet and heavy 8 inches of white torture. Being the good sport of a wife that I am, I cleared the snow off the unruly items (deck, steps, vehicles) but then I had to raise my white flag. That was it for me - I was too pooped to pop.

That's when SHE stepped in. The two of them cleared the driveway in no time. ["Huzzah!", the villagers cheered!]

Final wifely decision: Dirt and rock moving - silly. Snow moving - FABULOUS.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

That hussy! Good thing she made herself useful!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Melisa said...

That was sure nice of you to make room for her on your property. At least she's pulling her weight.

Don't worry, you and your husband make a cuter couple. LOL

Moi said...

Ummm ... have you not read my posts about how my hubs recently put his foot through my cooktop and flooded my laundry room?

I admit, Mr. Man is great 90-ish% of the time. The rest? He is destroying something I need/love/want ... on accident of course. 8^)