Sunday, March 9, 2008

Now where did I put that?

My memory's not so good these days.

Also, my memory's not so good.

My memory (or lack thereof) is a real problem. I've read that memory problems go hand in hand with going through menopause. That only makes me feel slightly better. And my husband, who understands NOTHING female, doesn't buy that as a reason.

I hear it's called "Destinesia" - the act of arriving in a room and then forgetting why you went there in the first place. The Today Show has coined a new term: "Momnesia". That seems as good as any.

I'm so easily distracted it's embarrassing. My daughter, clever girl that she is, figured it out long ago. She'll ask me for permission to do something, I say she comes over and starts massaging my shoulders. In a minute I'm so relaxed I can't remember why I said no to her. (I am aware that this is manipulation on her part but it feels so darned good.)

At work, I have the office equivalent of this:

Under all these post-its is a Jaguar. At my office the only thing you'll find under the post-its is an old desk and old computer. But they're covered in post-its, believe me. I should own stock in 3M.

Every time I see a news story about some woman in her 50's giving birth my thought is, how can they do that? You just KNOW they're going to put that baby down someplace and forget where they put it. It's trouble waiting to happen.

I knew I was in serious memory trouble when I agreed to attend two different meetings on the same night. At the same time. And then forgot to go to either one of them.

I've wondered if perhaps if asking someone to give me a thump upside the head like in the V8 commercials might help. I suspect I'd forget that I asked for it, and just turn around and thump 'em back.


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