Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nobody puts baby in a corner! (with apologies to fans of Dirty Dancing)

This weekend is Darling Daughter’s 13th birthday. In New England, a March birthday is a winter birthday. Celebrating is confined to indoors. Unless it’s something involving a snow sport - and March snow is not as exciting as November snow.

D.D. decided she would like to celebrate with a weekend outing to Cape Cod, inviting her best friend along for the trip. A hotel with an indoor pool for the girls would be a fab get-away.

I got a great deal on two adjoining suites, thus ensuring that I wouldn’t be kept up until 2am while they played Guitar Hero (yes, they brought it along). Dear Hubs, sensing an overload of estrogen (and Guitar Hero), wisely decided to opt out of the weekend adventure.

We didn’t leave home until 7:30pm Friday night, for what would be an hour and a half drive. We were so hyped up and excited - we were PSYCHED!!

Half an hour or more down the road, BANG! Power steering was gone, lights on the dash were flashing, and broken belt clunking under the hood. VERY lucky for us, we were near an exit - I coasted off the freeway and into a well-lit parking lot . Whip out the cell phone, call The Hubs, call AAA. Of course tow truck can’t take 3 people, have to wait for The Hubs to come and pick us up.

The Hubs finally arrives in his little commuter car to get us and all our baggage and assorted crappola. I call this car the Clown Car because it’s small enough to be the car that arrives in center ring at the circus and then 47 clowns crawl out of. We’re talking small.

But we manage to squeeze all of us and all our stuff in, and start for home. My thinking was, drop Hubs off at home, take his car and get back on our way. (We are a three vehicle family). We start on the half hour trip home – and the Clown Car loses a hose and power steering goes out. Good Lord, must we call AAA again? No! The Hubs, being a manly man, boldly declares that he don’t need no stinking power steering – after all, the road is pretty straight all the way home!

We arrived home after 10pm. Tired Mom and Dad, disappointed girls. The girls are so disappointed to be back to square one, they ask if they can sleep in the CAR.

How pitiful is that? My baby’s special birthday reduced to sleeping in a clown car?

Are we doomed? Are the Automobile Gods angry at me for mocking seat warmers in a previous post? Is Darling Daughter destined to have a disappointing birthday?

Heck no! MY baby deserves a happier birthday! [shamelessly insert famous line spoken in Dirty Dancing]

After getting a good night’s sleep I did what any good mama would do – I called Enterprise Rent-a-Car. And look what they gave me! [Caution: Put on sunglasses prior to viewing...]

Isn't it the cutest thing?!? I swear just driving it takes 10 years off my age. (Except when I try to put it in drive and my windshield wipers come on).

And the girls are now happily swimming in a warm indoor pool and mom has her feet up and is starting a new book…all down at the Cape. The End.


kaydee said...

"We're talking so small....Rhode Island could kick the crap out of it." DUDLEY MOORE, "ARTHUR"

Wow! So SORRY for all your car trouble last night! MAN! Love the new "clown car". Wondered why I haven't heard from you!

Anonymous said...

You are the best mom ever. lov ya! H

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

How I can identify with the car problems! We had two AAA calls in the same week. Fortunately, we were only three miles from home the first time and the second one we were in our driveway. Our '91 mini van has served us extremely well--247,000 miles, but in the last month we have spent almost $1,200 in repairs. We were so nervous everytime we left home we decided it might be time to look for a new vehicle. We finally found something suitable, but we just can't part with our old van, so we call her our Lowe's Mobile (Lowe's is like Home Depot).