Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long time, no see

I started this post by trying to write the often misquoted line attributed to Mark Twain about rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...but I wanted to quote it correctly. So I did a google search, which led me to some really great websites about Mark Twain.

Then I followed a link about Abe Vigoda using that quote himself; Abe is alive and kicking at age the age of 87, even though it was reported in People magazine in the 1970's that he had died.

Then I followed a link from the Abe Vigoda site to an interesting story about the struggle to get "The Godfather" film made.

Alice KathyLikesPink has just emerged from the rabbit hole that is the internet.

I thank those of you who have inquired about my absence from the blogging world. The truth is, my life has been rather overwhelming of late, and along the way I seemed to have lost my sense of humor. And who wants to read a blog that consists of nothing but bitchin' and moanin'?

(Well, okay, sometimes I do - I get a kick out of the Angry Pharmacist and snotty Grocery Clerk and WaiterRant. But mostly, I'd rather not.)

I've got several more months of potential bitchin' and moanin' ahead of me. The reality is, I filed for divorce mid-September. But I'm starting to feel more upbeat again. I'm emerging from this particular black cloud and I'm starting to laugh again, which is marvelous. I hope to shortly begin blogging on a regular basis.

Before I sign off, I'd like to tell of something that still makes me giggle to think of.

Last night we had a spaghetti supper at my church. There were five guys and three women cooking. I would come to the kitchen door and yell, "Two salads!" or "Three spaghettis, two with meatballs!".

One trip to the kitchen door I yelled "Three, with balls!"

I can still see five guy's heads turn to stare at me.

Dang, I crack myself up.