Sunday, March 16, 2008

A total CHICK warned..

So I'm down here taking a little mini-vacation with Darling Daughter and her BFF. Things were a little crazy before we left home so of course a few things were forgotten (like hair mousse and hairdryer - I look like Moe of the Three Stooges...).

This morning I realized I forgot to pack ... implements used in a monthly fashion by ladies ... so I am digging through my purse (BIG purse...LOTS of stuff) for a pad.

New pad, still in it's little paper envelope. I opened the 'envelope', went to take the strip off the sticky part ... big surprise - there is a quarter stuck there! What a shocker!

Now I carry so much crappola in my purse it is not totally out of the question for loose change to work it's way into this little paper envelope while jiggling around at the bottom of my purse. But this got me thinking in a whole new direction.

What if sanitary pads came with a prize like Cracker Jacks!?

Or the very least, a riddle or a joke like Popsicle sticks? Wouldn't that be something? It might actually make 'that time of the month' more pleasant. Maybe entertaining is a better description.

My D.D. started in 6th grade as did several of her friends. Sixth graders look fairly grown-up but they still have a lot of little girl in them, and this very grown-up thing was a little frightening at first. Wouldn't it be easier if there was a little humor thrown in there, like a prize or a riddle?

Obviously I have thought about this way too much. It must be the 'Guitar Hero' over load.


noble pig said...

Ha! That would be hilarious. A prize in every PAD! Love it!

Melisa said...

That is hilarious! AND GENIUS!

I think you should shoot a letter off to the "Always" company first thing tomorrow. :)

GoMommy said...

So funny!
Maybe little inspirational messages like Dove Promises? Would make that time of the month a little more barable!

A Jersey Girl in the Windy City said...

Hahaha... What a great idea!

Tee said...

I cracked up! That would be a good idea, a prize in every pad! That is one thing I don't miss. Age has at least one advantage.

Susan said...

Wonderful idea! I would definitely appreciate this.

simplypink said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person that has random things fall out of her products. HA! I could like the prize thing. Maybe Guitar Hero unlock codes??? ;)