Friday, March 7, 2008

The Dog Whisperer

In my house, we really enjoy watching the t.v. program "The Dog Whisperer". The man is amazing - he works with dogs that are so aggressive that they may need to be put down if they don't immediately change.

He has several techniques he uses to subdue the dog. My favorite is when he takes two fingers and gently 'nips' the side of the dog's neck, while at the same time making this little "chhttt" sound. It teaches the dog to be submissive to him, and lets the dog know that HE is the pack leader.

I've been thinking, wouldn't it be great would it be if this worked on people too?

Teenage daughter calling you OLD, and in a big booming voice lets anyone within earshot know that her mom is almost 50?


Mother-in-law won't shut up about how perfect your husband was as a child, so obviously your kid's out of control behavior is from your side of the family?


Driving, with your husband as a passenger, and he continually gives you instructions about HOW to drive even though you've been driving for 35 years? ("Why don't you pass this guy?"..... "You're using the brakes too much, you're gonna wear 'em out"..... and my all-time favorite, "It's not a race, SLOW DOWN!")


I'm picturing each of them afterwards...shocked and speechless. I think it just might work.


Melisa said...

LOL: I actually HAVE tried that sound (without the neck nipping) on my kids. It came out by accident, but it totally stops them in their tracks! ROFL

I love Cesar. Sometimes I also find myself saying, "Yes, that's right. That's what we want" like he does when the dog he's working with does something bad so he can "rehabilitate" it. But I say it when, let's say, I get the batter in the pan without spilling over or something.

Anonymous said...

Great Post.. I am also a Dog Whisperer fan! He needs to come and Whisper to my dogs.. they are a bit crazy~ I've tried the chhht sound with my kids!! Unfortunately, they just roll their eyes and tell me they aren't dogs.. Sheesh.. maybe Cesar could come and whisper to them!!


noble pig said...

Hey, what a cute site, thanks for leading me to you...I think I'll come back and speak often.

I think I'll try the who's my first victim?

Don Mills Diva said...

If it does make sure you do a repost - I could try that on my hubby when he starts backseat driving!

Gina said...

I found you through Deep Fried Apple Pies and I'm glad. That was a hilarious post. I understand b/c I too am almost menopausal but have two chihuahuas instead of a teenager. chhht