Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just another snowy Saturday...

I realize now that before I moved to New England, I had no idea what a real winter was like.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest of the US. Where it rains a lot. A LOT. The part of the country where we don't tan, we rust.

What I USED to think was winter, I realize now was more of an extended autumn with a long early spring. And then when July 1st rolled around, BANG, instant summer - long hot days with no rain until October.

Now I live in New England. Where winter ain't for sissies.

This year our snowy season started in early November. It is now March 1st and we are still in our snowy season. This is the time of year when Mother Nature likes to play tricks on us. Throws us a day like yesterday, beautiful blue sky and the sun was strong - oh sure it was 3* when I drove my daughter to school, and I only saw a high temperature of 19*. But it FELT like Spring was just around the corner. (Did I really say that? I guess I have lived in the Land of Winter too long!!!)

Truly it WAS a glorious day yesterday. Then ol' Ms. Nature decided to pull the rug out from under us. It started snowing around midnight, it is now 1pm in the afternoon and it's STILL snowing. I haven't looked in a couple of hours now but last time I checked there was about 8" of new snow on my deck. And the driveway. And the walkway. And the porch steps. And our three vehicles in the driveway.

This is when I realize I should have had more than one child. I could hand them all shovels and push them outside, and *I* could go make a pot of tea and sit down with a good book. (Yes, I'm sure that's what mothers of multiple children do - a lot of sitting down and reading good books! BWA HAA HAA....)

I'm off to put my boots on and grab my shovel.

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