Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm late, it's tired ... no, wait ... I'm tired, it's late. Worked later than I had planned today, then a meeting tonight, and worked another 4 hours at home afterwards. My meeting made me miss the latest installment of Big Brother, so of course I had to stay up and watch tonight's episode on my laptop. Hey just so long as I have my priorities straight!

There was some fireworks on the show tonight, one girl knew she was going to be evicted and decided to go out with a bang. She was offensive and rude - just the kind of stuff Reality T.V. lives for. I swear "Big Brother" is the only reality show I watch. Uh...except for that new one, "Class Reunion". That's it. Definitely. Big Brother and Class Reunion .. :)

Spring has not arrived in New England yet but you can tell it's on the horizon. Here's the proof...


This is all that's left of the huge mountain of snow and road sand the plow piled up near the end of our driveway. It used to be huge and white and imposing and now it's just a dirty ol' pile o' crud.

Bring on Spring!!!


Queen Mommy said...

I am too tired to say something brilliant. But man, that snow is awful!!!

noble pig said...

Oh crap, I missed Big Brother! Ugh, I hope I recorded it at home. Thanks for reminding me to look for it.

Tee said...

That looks terrible. I'm glad we only snow every few winters down here in the South. We just have red mud--when it rains and lately that hasn't been often since we are in an extreme draught.