Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Evening's Excitement

I picked Darling Daughter up at school about 5pm, after her Field Hockey practice. We went out to dinner in a larger town, then headed back to Tiny Town. I take the "back way" everywhere, so the trip involved going through the neighborhoods of several towns.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a hot air balloon floating very low over houses and trees. It was so low at one point we pulled to the side of the road and jumped out to watch - it looked like they were looking for a place to land and that it might be that very back yard! Then they turned on the burner and they went up a bit, coasted around the neighborhood, barely skimming tree tops. We followed in the car, winding around neighborhood streets. At first we were the only ones that seemed to know it was there, but as it got lower and lower, and the noise of the burner caught people's attention, eventually everyone came out of their house to see.

We followed it for some time before I thought to hand my cell phone to Darling Daughter and tell her to take some pictures. The trees are so thick we had to wait until we found a clear shot. Here are two photos taken by Darling Daughter (she wanted me to be sure and let you know that SHE took the pictures!!)

And I'm sure I don't have to point this out...but it was a lovely shade of PINK!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! I would love to see a Hot Air balloon flying over my house.. would a Marine Corps Helicopter count???

MoziEsmé said...

Tiny Town, huh?!

It IS a beautiful pink!

Anonymous said...

That is too cool. Some people don't realize it! Remember Tigard's hot air ballon spring thing? Glad Kate got to see it so close!!xoxo