Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life Without The Internet

We are in week two of vacation. This is only the 3rd time I've been on the internet since we got here. Twice I was able to connect wirelessly with my laptop from the cottage. Both times it was before a storm - I'm not sure if that made a difference or it was a coincidence. Today I am sitting in the office of the resort using their old and funky desktop that they make available for guests on a very limited basis.

I really can't remember experiencing such a long stretch without internet access, at least not since we first went online at home in 1996 or 1997. I'm definitely going through some withdrawal pains. And that nervous twitch near my eye is very obvious.

I admit that I spend more time on the internet than I should. I've always thought that if we didn't have the internet at home I would no doubt have a fabulously clean house. And I'd probably be a lot thinner.

It's rather remarkable how the internet has become such a part of my life. Here are a few examples of when the nervous tic has shown itself:

I really like the quilt on the bed here at the resort. I read the tag - Laura Ashley - I'll check the Macys website ... twitch

I can't remember the recipe for the marinade, I'll just google it ... twitch

What time does the movie begin at the local theater? Let's just pull up their website ... twitch

What are the hours of the local library? Let's check online ... twitch

Not to mention, I'm WAY behind in all my blog reading! twitch twitch twitch

On the plus side, I've read five books and am well into my 6th.

Maybe if another storm blows in, I'll be able to connect from my own laptop again, and I can post more photos.

Until then -

So long .... farewell ... auf wiederschauen ... goodbye!


Catherine said...

Dahlink, you need a smartphone! You'll never be without the internet again!

noble pig said...

Yep, smartphone is the way to go...but it's probably liberating to be without too.

Tee said...

What did we ever do without the internet? We get so upset when our's doesn't work.

Melisa said...

Sometimes, though, it's good to have a vacation from EVERYTHING, even the internet. Good for you for getting through that many books! I haven't read that many books since maybe 8th grade. LOL

constance said...

it's no doubt good for you, Kathryn! (she says while the laptop sits smugly on her legs). I'm jealous of your wonderful vacation - it sounds incredibly relaxing.

news from home - it's gorgeous out, sunny, supposed to be 85 today. we're deck-painting. that's the job that never ends. 4th time in 9 years. hugs!

RiverPoet said...

The Internet allows me to work from home, and for that I'm grateful. It also lets me connect with great folks like you. But I'll always so happy when I can get unplugged for awhile! I hope you relish the last of your vacation...Peace - D

MoziEsmé said...

That was the only downside to our month vacation in the US in May - it was so hard to get internet access. I had serious withdrawal - and 1000s and 1000s of posts in Google Reader that I never got to.