Friday, May 23, 2008

Filch-It Friday: Seven Confessions

Today I am joining in Simply Nutmeg's Filch It Friday Extravaganza.

I'm tired and cranky so please keep that in mind when reading my Seven Confessions, as filched from the following folks: Ok where was I? and Foolery.

Seven Confessions

[1] My husband never finishes any project he begins at home. NEVER. I am not making this up. Twelve years ago he put in new stairs from the cellar to the kitchen. Never put up the hand rail. It's lying down cellar, probably rotting away. In fact after he took the old stairs out, it took him 2 years to put the new stairs in! I had to go OUTSIDE and down and around to get to my washer and dryer. Oh wait - this is supposed to be confessions about ME? Ok. HIS BEHAVIOR DRIVES ME TO THE BRINK OF INSANITY!!! There. Whew.

[2] I really am a terrible housekeeper. When I lived alone I loved keeping my place company-ready. Now I have these two extra people sharing living space (The Hubs and Darling Daughter) and it seems impossible. Just when I have something organized, one of them come along behind me and mess it up again. After a gazillion times I feel like, "Why bother?"

[3] As out of control as I feel at home, I am the opposite at work.

[4] I am seriously overweight and I need to deal with it soon. My weight is in direct proportion to my depression. With The Hubs' health spiraling downward these past couple of years, my weight has spiraled UP.

[5] As much as I love to read, I just don't DO libraries very well. I can roam them and browse for hours, check out books - and then I always forget to return them.

[6] Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, where you don't go to the beach without jeans and a parka (and that's in July), I think Cape Cod in the summertime is the greatest thing in the world. I've been to Hawaii, Mexico - I still love the Cape best.

[7] I'm not a huge nature lover, unless I'm protected by screens or walking on asphalt. Nope. Not into the whole bug, snake, creepy-crawly roughing-it kind of thing. Some people hear the call of the wild...I prefer to call room service. It's a cosmic joke that I now live in the country.

And there you have it. My seven confessions.


Susan said...

I can completely relate to your #1 and #2 confessions. I used to such a neat and organized person, but I feel like I'm swimming upstream now that I live with three not-so-neat and disorganized people.

Last summer, when my husband was about to start a new project in the yard, my daughter counted up the ones already in progress (I think it was 14) and told him he really should finish some of them first.

Of course, I'm conveniently forgetting the bags of unfinished projects in the back of the sewing room closet.

Momma said...

I know about weight and depression. I lost 60 lbs last year, but I still fight the urge to turn to food when things get rough. I will battle this the rest of my life.

Housecleaning? I hate it, too. HATE IT for the same reasons as you. Nothing stays nice for very long. In addition to the hubby and The Boy, I have 2 bulldogs and 4 cats (1 of them a recent drop-off by Daughter). Between fighting the boys' tendency to drop things wherever they land and the constantly shedding animals, I'm always stuck with a dust mop in my hand or a Swiffer duster. The heaviest cleaning has to be left to the boys, though, since my spine isn't so good. At least I have that.


Peace - D

Sue said...

OK, #1, I call my husband half-assed sometimes to his face because he rarely finishes a job.

Stress = food (or wine)How is dialysis going?

I always forget to bring back movies and books back, therefore I buy them instead. I figure it is the same as the overdue fees I would pay.

The Cape does rock, but in all honesty, I like Maine better.

Camping =The Hyatt to me.

foolery said...

These are great, Kathy! And I need to lose a whole buttload of weight, but I don't, so I completely get it. And I suck at housekeeping. And I could go on and on but I won't.