Friday, May 30, 2008

Filch-it Friday: Why blog?

Today I'm filching (once again) from Foolery. This time it's her "Why Blog?" post.

A few short months ago if you had asked me what a blog was, I would have said "a political online journal." That was the only type of blog I'd heard of; they were linked to the online newspapers I read. I'd never taken the time to read more than a couple of lines of any of them.

Then in November a new friend entered my life, and she regaled me with stories from her sister's blog - "Simply Nutmeg". My interest was piqued and I read every post. Over the New Year's holiday I discovered Bye, Bye, Buy, in which June Can't-Buy-That wrote about her year of not spending any money. (Which has now morphed into Bye, Bye, Pie) - again, I read every post.

I've always been a gabby person, whether in person or in writing. I wrote long letters to my family back home in Oregon, then long emails - with way more information and detail than they probably ever wanted to know. Funny thing about all that writing - I didn't receive much response. My mom has always been great about writing and replying. Sis and Aunts wrote now and again, but nothing like I poured out to them. I may have had a better response if I had put my letter into a bottle and tossed it out to sea.

Why do I always have so much to say? I believe I inherited the gene from my Grandma W. Everyone in the family has stories to tell of taking her along someplace, and in the two minutes we stepped away, when we returned she would not only be in deep conversation with the person next to her, they would have exchanged phone numbers to continue their discussion. For many years she had a phone friendship with a woman she met while sitting on a bench at the mall (while we were in the store shopping).

Anyway. Why do I blog? It's pretty simple, really. I just seem to have a lot to say, and I type faster than I write by hand. This is better than a journal because I receive feedback via comments, and emails. And I don't even have to throw my laptop out to sea.


nutmeg said...

And you make me laugh. Don't forget that!

Sue said...

Yeah, you are funny, and interesting, and you can teach me what to expect in a few years with my girls, and I like "listening" to you!
Keep on keeping on!

Terry said...

You can write me long emails anytime. I feel the same way, and seems like nobody every writes back to me. Hey, I'm always here for ya!! Love ya.