Friday, May 16, 2008

It ain't easy bein' green

Another chapter in Menopausal Memory Problems.

I've purchased, from several different stores, the reusable grocery bags that you see everywhere these days. I actually have quite a collection of them. They're a nice, sturdy bag. And they're going to last me forever because I ALWAYS FORGET THEM.

I had such good intentions when I bought each and every one of them. Well, a couple of them (the Trader Joe's bags) I bought just because they were unusual. But my intent was strong about using them all.

I think I've used them once. Then the groceries got carried into the house, and the bags were set aside, and there they sat for ages. Eventually I discovered them and carried them back out to the van. I then drove them around for months. They should have little travel stickers on their sides from all the places they've been. (Although they never made it out of the van.)

What gets me is I can have them sitting right next to me as I drive to the store. They will be right next to my purse. And I will grab my purse, lock my door and head off into the store. I don't actually SEE them until I get back in the van after I'm done shopping. It's like some kind of selective vision thing.

At least they'll never wear out.


Tee said...

"Selective vision" I love it! LOL! I'm not that green yet.

sarahbobeara said...

and there they sit on the counter, right next to your grocery list! :)

i've been using canvas bags for the last 3 months and so far so good. i store mine right under my toddler's feet in the van (i even bought a pretty little storage box from michael's for them, $$$ waster is my nickname!) and she's always with me at the store so it's hard to forget them.

actually i LOVE using them, i'm a big nerd and i love packing my own groceries, and i'm sure the walmart cashiers love me too for that reason.