Monday, May 26, 2008

Hints of the Summer to Come

Today was a GLORIOUS day! We've had sunshine for several days but it's been chilly. The nights were in the 40's!! That's dang cold for May but finally ... warmth ... heat ... SUMMER! I even wore thongs today! Footwear, not the underwear.

Every time I say "I'm going to go put on my thongs" in front of my daughter's friends, teenage heads whip around so fast I think they're gonna get whiplash. I'm not sure what they find most shocking - thinking I'm talking to them about underwear, or the thought of a chunky middle-aged mom wearing such a thing. You can imagine the sighs of relief when they realize I'm talking about my feet.

I know I'm dating myself by referring to summer shoes as THONGS. I try to remember to call them flip-flops. What Einstein came up with the idea of giving underwear a name that's been associated with sandals for 50 years? Or is that, in fact, Victoria's Secret? Heck, who came up with the idea of butt floss to begin with?


Beautiful day today. Ice cream season officially started April 1st and by now all the farm ice cream stands are open. Darling Daughter and I went out to our favorite. The line was pretty long but a nice warm day will do that. The hardest part is deciding what flavor!

What flavor would YOU choose?

I went with Reverse Chocolate Chip. It's chocolate ice cream with chunks of white chocolate. YUM.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, you are such a hoot! I keep forgetting to check your blog, so tonight I read all the ones that are on the first page. The one about The Vault I had to read out loud to Michelle, it was so funny. Just want to say that I've never kept stuff in my bra. Well I tried with my cell phone once but it fell out. Never tried a credit card.

Anyway, I love reading your stuff, girl! julie from nehs

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and I was gonna say - make the transition, woman, call them FLIP FLOPS! :-) julie

Susan said...

I've finally broken the habit of calling them thongs. But you're right--whose idea was this change in meaning?

I think I'd try the chocolate walnut.

Sue said...

Me too! I would have gone with the same thing! (The ice cream that is, not the butt floss)

Momma said...

We have an ice cream stand down the street that has New York Cheesecake. I could put on many pounds eating that stuff :-)

Peace - D

ImaFiftiesGirl said...

I would take Orange Pineapple, What is Raspberry Rage, do you think? My favorite would be some kind of chocolate with raspberry.

Melisa said...

Ooh, that one sounds good to me! I'm a sucker for any kind of choc. chip!

sarahbobeara said...

i'd go for the raspberry sorbet, sounds like it's a bit better for the hips. however, the coconut almond bar sounds YUMMY! wish we had a selection like that near our house, although i'm not sure i could stick with the sorbet menu for long ;)

oh and the transition from thong to flip-flop has been hard for me too!

Terry said...

Imagine if you had BOYS!!! hearing you ask them for your thongs? Trust me, they don't want ANY part of that!!

I think I finally have it down.