Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm just a country mouse

This is the post in which I expose how much of a country bumpkin I have become.

I live in a very small (population 2600) very rural town. We have a small general store (about the size of your living room), but to do real grocery shopping I drive about 8 miles in any direction, to one of larger towns bordering our town. And while they are decent grocery stores, they're still rather on the small side.

WELL. I visited a friend who lives in "The Third Largest City in Massachusetts", and she and I went to the grocery store.

O.MY.GOD. I think it was bigger than the elementary school in our town! I had just done my own grocery shopping the day before, but I grabbed a cart and roamed the aisles with the intensity of a sailor on shore leave.

They had gizmos and doodads and giant economy-sized flimflams. I was amazed. I was awed. I was starstruck.

I ended up spending another $100 on groceries.

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Melisa said...

You would probably pass out, then, if I took you to any of our grocery stores...where you can not only get milk but a sweater as well! :)