Thursday, May 1, 2008

Murphy's Law

It seems that the times when I'm running late and really struggling to get somewhere on time, things conspire against me.

This morning Darling Daughter overslept. We were running late, and she was upset as her "perfect record" of getting to school on time was going to be shot. Small town, small rural school seven miles away down a narrow two lane road.

"Don't worry honey, we'll make it," I confidentally told her. Looked like smooth sailing - until we hit the main intersection. Usually I can just pull out and make my left turn. But this morning? A "slow moving vehicle" with 17 cars behind it. ARGH.

Later in the morning I had to leave my small rural town to go to a doctor's appointment in "The Third Largest City in Massachusetts". The appointment was only to be fifteen minutes, squeezed in to the schedule. It takes longer to get there than the amount of time spent in the office. I generally leave home with plenty of time to spare, but today I left later than I would have liked. Traffic was clear, I was making good time - until I got within one block of the doctor's office and had to pass a funeral home.

It must have been the funeral of a very important person, because there were FOUR State Police cruisers just pulling out to stop traffic. And then it began. The enormous funeral line of cars. With me on the wrong side. I should never have left home.


Queen Mommy said...

ALWAYS the way!!! ALWAYS!

Queen Goob said...

I think that second sign said it all.....just go back to bed!

noble pig said...

Those are the days of my lives!

Joeprah said...

That is very annoying. Yuck! Traffic is the worst.

Wendi said...

I have felt the same way ALL day today! I hope tomorrow will be smoother sailing!
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I always love to hear comments from new readers. I enjoyed visiting your blog...I will be back.

LaskiGal said...

Is that not the way it always goes???

Saw your comment at Sue's (Cap Cod . . .). Your comment made me laugh! I was one of those girls that was going to name my son after hot jock Jake Ryan, too!!!