Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just Another Lazy Day Me

I hate to be the one to break it to you younger moms in your late 30's/early 40's, but the difference between age 40 and age 50 is huge. HUGE. And it surprised the heck out of me.

Most birthdays haven't bothered me. The only birthday I remember feeling blue about was my 3oth. I wore all black to work that day, and told everyone I was in mourning for my youth. God, I was so young and foolish!

The difference between 2o and 30 wasn't too great. Maybe I was more inclined to get a hangover if I drank too much. But physically I was in better shape and lower weight at 30 than at 20. (Maybe because I lost approximately 170 pounds of ex-husband...ya think?)

I had a lot of life changes in my 30's. I moved across the country; I remarried; I had my one and only child. I was afraid that my 40th birthday would be depressing but in fact it was rather exhilerating. I was amazed at how FREEING it felt. And I was still in pretty good shape, physically.

Now here I sit, on the cusp of 50, and I realize I am the laziest woman on the planet. I really should own about a tenth of the items I actually do, because I have no energy or interest in cleaning or dusting them.

Hubs is sleeping, having spent the last two days at work (after surgery on Monday - I knew he was overdoing it by going back too soon). Darling Daughter is off to the mall with her BFF. It's a beautiful sunny day, but other than a few loads of laundry I have spent most of the day on my butt laptop.

The garden is full of weeds, my house is full of clutter. I have a million "I should be doing _______" sentences running through my head. Yep, I really should. My mother, who is seventy-mumble-mumble years old, has more energy and gets more accomplished than me. I feel like my own lazy teenager.

But here I sit, surrounded by three sleeping cats who are putting the idea of a nap into my head.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go switch my laundry loads....yawn....snort....zzzzzzzz.


Momma said...

You're telling me! I'm starting the downhill slide to 50; I'll be 46 on Monday. And I know what you mean. I'm starting to get hot flashes, irregularity, lots of gray, and I'm grouchy about it sometimes. Moreover, a nap is a wonderful thing! I wish I could take one every day!

I also blogged today (in response to a meme) about how much I abhor house-cleaning. I like a clean house, but I want someone else to do it! I keep waiting for the maid to show up. I have to depend on my hubby to do a lot of the heavier cleaning now, so guess what? It often doesn't get done unless I nag. And some days? I don't CARE.

Maybe a clean house is overrated. I'd rather have a nap.

You know what I think happens to us sometime between our 20s and the big FIVE-OH? I think we realize that having it all isn't something we really want after all. We start to realize that snuggling in our bed while other people are spinning themselves into a frenzy is a wonderful indulgence. I think we realize that a lot of the demands that we feel are put on us are actually self-inflicted because we believe what we see on TV.

Me? I will be 50 soon whether I want to be or not. Fortunately, I'm excellent at napping! ;-)

Peace - D

noble pig said...

Try walking. Since I started walking I have more energy within myself than I thought was there. I'm actually more tired when I don't go.

I was reading yeaterday that several whifs of peppermeint oil every two hours keeps you more alert.

Anonymous said...

Yes KLP your mother, who is seventy-mumble-mumble years old, does probably get more done. But she is blessed ..... probably one who walks at least a couple of times a week, probably has a need to do more, because of being the only one that is there to do it. And I bet she is a LIST MAKER.... I find if I have a little notebook and list daily the things I want to do, it is much easier to see an do it. Anything that is left from Monday gets added to Tuesday and so on for the week. It is a great system, and one that is constant. On my list today? Plant those two tomato plants, and pot the burgandy and white Petunias, bait for snails, who love the fresh green of seedlings coming up. finish the kitchen, maybe run the vacuum, and before bed paint those toenails a smashing silver with the name of BLUE ICE. That is just to make me feel young and sexy, which I am not.....May make a trip to Wal Mart in the heat of the day...Plus the closer you get to seventy-mumble-mumble the more you realize time is running out, and I still have so much to do. afghans to crochet and projects to stitch.

Sue said...

You should sit with your lap top outside,then you could be working on your summer tan while blogging. Therefore you would be multitasking!

Anything else you need me to spin?

sarahbobeara said...

i'm starting to wonder if the internet is just as responsible as the TV when it comes to things not getting done.

i know i'm much more likely to waste the day on the laptop than watching TV.

and i'm 32 and i'm feeling just as lazy as you ;) unfortunately i have to put up a strong front for the 3 kiddos.