Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Cat Lady

When I moved here 15 years ago, my neighborhood was, as it is now, a very pleasant place. Nice, friendly people. I soon learned an interesting piece of neighborhood lore. The neigbors across the street bought their Victorian home from an elderly lady who was known far and wide as The Cat Lady.

Miss J. was a very sweet woman who never married and who loved cats. [Why do the two go hand in hand so often??]

She had dozens of them; and when people had cats or a litter of kittens they didn't want, they would pull a drive-by/drop-off. [I believe our 14 year old cat may have been dropped off in the neighborhood by someone who didn't realize she has passed on.] I've also heard that when her windows were open during the hot and humid summers New England is famous for, the stench of cat urine wafted into neighboring homes.

That said - I must share with you something I discovered on the Internets...

Crazy Cat Lady
Every town has a Crazy Cat Lady. She's the one who lives in a tiny house full of feral felines. This 5-1/4" tall, hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure has a wild look in her eye and comes with six cats. ARE YOU A CRAZY CAT PERSON?

I've always loved and owned cats. I've previously posted about how Cheerios was named, and the bad news we are currently living with. Now I'm constantly monitoring their habits like CSI, trying to determine if this feline disease has gotten worse (it doesn't seem so, yet).

Because of my increase in attention, our three cats now have fixated on me love me even more. The three of them follow me everywhere I go in this house. I have tripped over them, bumped into them, knocked them a little silly with my ankles because they are always underfoot.

It's reached the point that I can't sit down without being joined by three furry little beasts. Yesterday I was lying on my bed reading and I had one cat sleeping under my neck, another on my belly, and the last one between my knees.

My daughter has started calling me the Crazy Cat Lady.

Watch out, Hubs.


Susiewearsthepants said...

That is really scary. Scary because I am no longer married. Scary because I have three cats. This will be me when I get old. I just know it.

noble pig said...

I am seriously cracking up at that figurine. I can't even imagine the cat urine being so strong it would waft through the air. How horrible!

Roberta said...

Methinks there are cat ladies ... and crazy cat ladies. We all have to hope we're the former.

Tee said...

I don't think I qualify as the cat lady, but I do love my fur baby, Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater. He's almost 14 and has two humans that cater to his every want. He has us well trained. :-)