Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today was both.

My energy level is directly tied to weather. On a sunny day I'm out of bed, rarin' to go, and I get so much accomplished! But a dark, rainy day and I'm a slug. No amount of caffeine will jump start me.

I lived my first 25 years in the state of Oregon. Rain Central. Rain is such a part of life in Oregon that the two major universities have water creatures as mascots...

I don't remember feeling lethargic on rainy days growing up. Of course I had youth on my side. But still. When you live with rain as a part of daily life, it becomes a non-issue.

Maybe it's a symptom of middle age. Maybe it's part of menopause. I don't really know - but a day like today and I feel like I'm slogging through Jello.

What's discouraging is that rain is predicted all week! I don't stand a chance.

In keeping with the theme of this post, I offer you this - sing along if you wish!


noble pig said...

The rain, now that I will be moving to Oregon I've been talking to my brain about how it is to deal with the rain. I'll let you know how that goes.

Queen Goob said...

Hey, you could have been a Game Cock or a Horny Toad. Count yourself lucky.

As for the rain? I used to live in South Florida, the "getting use to the rain" doesn't really happen, does it?

Sue said...

Aren't you so psyched that April vacation was last week?! I am.

I did feel like falling asleep all day today. Sun, come back, pleaseeeeeee!

Queen Mommy said...

You saw my post about Monday. I am right there with ya!