Saturday, April 12, 2008

Haiku Saturday

mama's tired and sore
from cleaning out the attic
but it must be done

thank god a friend's son
so young and strong and helpful
came to help me out

so energetic
up, down, up, down attic stairs
youthful knees I envy

now he's off to party
with hours to go before sleep
stamina to spare

one old, tired mama
trying to write for her blog
ready for a nap


Tee said...

I cleaned my attic out--all by myself, only because I could no longer get in there. Now I have a big pile of stuff to put in my Mom's yard sale schedule for the first weekend in May.

A Jersey Girl in the Windy City said...

Cute Haiku's... I can relate to that last one LOL (I'm about ready for a nap)

Enjoy your weekend!

noble pig said...

I wish I had an attic to clean, lucky you.

Sue said...

At least you can go to bed feeling like you( and young stud) accomplished something today! What will you do with all that space?