Monday, April 14, 2008

Pets are funny

For the life of me, I can't imagine NOT having pets. Not only do they give love and comfort, their entertainment value is priceless!

Hazel's new favorite spot is on TOP of my armoire.

Lucky is not happy with the food in his bowl
so decides to eat straight out of the bag.
Even though it's the same food as in the bowl.

Can you see his head fully in the bag,
by way of the hole chewed in the side of the bag?

(Sorry for the poor quality-used my cell phone camera)


Anonymous said...

He must have food, He must have food, He must have food.

Missy-Moo did a similar thing the other day, her kibble bowl ran empty so she dragged the bag halfway across the room before finally getting the peg off it.
Pet servants are bad people for not feeding pets enough.

Tee said...

Pets are sooooo wonderful. I have to agree with you. Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater absolutely rules around this household. He's almost 14, so he's treated royally. If we don't present his food appropritely, he turns his nose up at it, then we have to offer other choices, sometimes human food is all he will eat. He is our fur baby and we love him.

Queen Mommy said...

Pretty funny. Our cat gallops, have you ever seen that? It is hilarious!!

noble pig said...

Very cute. I swear animals can talk or maybe they just think at you very loudly.

Sue said...

I have to agree. Ben and Jerry's taste much better right out of the carton than in a bowl!