Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life in a small New England town, Chapter 3

With only the town and street names changed, this is my small town's police log as printed in the local paper:

Wednesday, March 26
6:41 a.m.: motor vehicle went off the road through a split rail fence.
4:02 p.m.: keys found; were brought to the station.
7 p.m.: license plate found on the side of the road was turned in to the station.
7:15 p.m.: resident reported a lost cat.

Friday, March 28
6:14 a.m.: ambulance needed, patient was taken to the hospital.
5:20 p.m.: assisted neighboring town's Police Department with a motor vehicle accident.

Saturday, March 29
11:07 a.m.: motor vehicle accident with injury.
4:14 p.m.: ambulance needed, patient was taken to the hospital.

Sunday, March 30
12:41 a.m.: resident reported a lost dog.
5:35 a.m.: ambulance needed, patient was taken to the hospital.

Monday, March 31
7 a.m.: report of a structure fire. (turned out to be a chicken coop)
7:28 p.m.: motor vehicle accident with injury.

Does this sound like Mayberry or WHAT!?

All kidding aside, I feel so lucky to be able to raise my daughter in such a safe place.


noble pig said...

That does sound like Mayberry...rejoice in it!

Tee said...

Sounds like Heaven to me. It's TERRIBLE here in the Metro Atlanta area. Multiple murders, robberies and home invasions every night on the local news. Want to swap places? If we could move our house we would do that!

kris said...

I've lived both ways, and I prefer the sirens. But I'm only raising cats. If I were raising kids, I'd feel the same way - and to be honest? Even as a single woman with felines, a small New England town sounds like a beautiful fit. At least someone would return my cat, right? : )

Melisa said...


Magpie said...

LOL - ours is like that too.

And I never forgot something that ran in the police blotter in the town I grew up in: "A large cardboard box was seen moving down Main Street".

Queen Goob said...

These are GREAT! I grew up in a small coalmining town in western Pennsylvania - that lost cat would have been BIG news!

Thanks magpie!