Monday, April 7, 2008

Life with Mr. Wizard

Sometimes it's hard being married to a smart guy.

I don't mean your average smartness. I mean, dual major, physics and engineering. Smarty McSmartypants. I refer to him as The Human Calculator.

You'd think having a husband with the ability to cut the ingredients of a recipe by 3/8's in mere seconds without pencil or calculator would be a handy thing. But noooo. I can't simply receive the answer and move along with my recipe. He thinks this is an opportunity to TEACH me something. He doesn't understand that I don't want a lesson - I just want the answer, and pronto!

Living with The Human Calculator does come in handy at times. When Darling Daughter has science homework, it isn't ME she comes to with questions. [I should rephrase that. It isn't me she comes to for ANSWERS.]

Despite my lack of interest in refining my ability to recalculate recipes, I have learned an awful lot being married to The Hubs. I now freely use terms like "solar gain" and "depth of vision" with an air of authority. I know how to add more RAM to my computer.

On the down side, when he hung my spice racks, instead of placing them where they would be handy, he hung them where it "structurally made more sense" . (I was out at the time.) I've also been told I don't scoop ice cream out of the carton the proper way.

It's hard work being married to an engineer. I truly believe engineers are born not made. They have a completely different way of looking at everything. It's kind of like living with Mr. Spock. ("Beam me up Scotty" Mr. Spock, not "Don't spank your children" Dr. Spock) I baffle him, as I tend to approach things from an emotional point of view, and logic rules his world. He calls me his "loose cannon".

When it comes to gift giving, the thought of giving something that people want (and ask for) just doesn't occur to him. He gives what HE thinks you need or would benefit from. I've spoken to other wives of engineers and they report similar stories. Every time he gets me a gift that doesn't suit me, or doesn't get me a birthday gift at ALL (because I really don't NEED anything- yeah, right!) I go out and buy myself something nice. Nicer than he would have spent! With all his intelligence, The Hubs HASN'T figured this out yet.

So much for Mr. Wizard!


Momma said...

Oooh, I so know what you mean. My husband is a math and physics geek (plus a musician) and my son is studying engineering in college. They have an affinity for large whiteboards on the wall in the basement, calculating complex equations at the dinner table, and then rocking out with "Rock Band" on the XBox. I feel like I'm living in a science experiment all the time.

And yes, I do often buy or select my own presents. And I never get flowers. They are impractical and tend to die. Ugh. He just doesn't get it.

Peace - D

Tee said...

LOL! Cracked me up. I live with a fun loving, creative man that builds furniture. If there is an engineer in the house, it's probably me.

Weezee said...

Oh yeah! I know just what you mean. My hubby is a software engineer, computer geek, way too smart guy and also a walking calculator. I don't think we have ever gone out to dinner that he didn't end up drawing a diagram on a cocktail napkin.
He just has to draw something when explaining. But it is part of his charm.
Thanks for visiting, the dogs love the compliments.

needleinahaystack said...

you were my first post from a stranger so I will post back to you! Great entry. Now I have to bookmark you! I think my sister (the engineer) would crack up. After all, she is married to engineer.

Susan said...

I'm married to a math/computer guy, so I can relate. My daughter says, "When you ask Dad a question, he tells you the answer but then he just keeps going on and on."

And I hear you on the present thing!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I have a rule. Started it at least 15 years ago. Every gift-giving occasion for you, buy yourself a gift. I get myself birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and Mother's day gifts. :-) And I ALWAYS get the right things! Then I just let daryl give me whatever he wants, and it's a gift from me and I still got what I wanted. Win-win! julie