Saturday, June 28, 2008

100th Post -100 Things About Me: 51-75

51. I have lived in New England for 15 years.
52. Before moving here at the age of 34, I had moved 17 times after moving out of my parent’s house.
53. When you move that often, you travel lighter than most.
54. Living in one house for 15 years killed that!
55. I am not the least creative or artistic. Except with a computer.
56. I love office supply stores the way some women love shoe stores.
57. I love playing tourist in New York City but I’m happy to come home to Tiny Town.
58. We are such small town country bumpkins, when we go visit family in a city, Darling Daughter and I are amazed at the garbage trucks. The truck itself picks up each can and dumps it! No guys riding at the back or anything!
59. When I was a teenager I belonged to an organization called “Rainbow Girls.” It was a youth group connected to the Masonic Lodge. I loved it.
60. It taught me responsibility, and respect, and, archaic as it sounds, lady-like behavior.
61. I got married in 1978 at the age of 19.
62. The marriage lasted 9 years.
63. While cleaning out my attic last April, I found a box inside of a box, which turned out to hold husband # 1’s Boy Scout patches, badges, and handbook.
64. I looked up his address on the internet and shipped it to him.
65. I think that’s proof that I’m a nice person!
66. Having said that – I am immensely entertained by South Park, Family Guy and Miami: 911.
67. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have the sense of humor of an adolescent boy.
68. Pull my finger….JUST KIDDING!
69. When I was in high school, I tp’d a house with my friends, ONE TIME.
70. It was a beloved teacher who had a good sense of humor.
71. As we were leaving the scene of the crime we passed he and his wife in their car, coming home. I felt incredibly guilty.
72. I was extremely shy as a kid. Hard to believe now.
73. My first job at the age of 16 was as a cashier, and I was so shy I couldn’t look customers in the eye, or say “thank you.” But the job helped me come out of my shell.
74. I still think it would be fun to be a Target cashier. Nowadays you don’t even have to count the change back, and they have that cool scanner thingie!
75. But I’m pretty sure I’d spend my entire paycheck before I left the store.


noble pig said...

That a lot of moving! You must be a professional packer by now.

Momma said...

My hubby went to 17 different schools. You two have that in common, and that's not an easy one! I actually like moving to a new place. I get bored if I'm in one place for too long (like now...been here 11 years!)

Peace - D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you were a Rainbow Girl.. I was a Jobie! Yeah!!!!