Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three More Days!

You may have noticed my little sail boat off to the right ---> is only three days away from when we leave for the Cape! Even though I have nothing packed and am not prepared in the slightest, I am doing the dance of joy!

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where you didn't go to the BEACH, you went to the COAST; parkas were quite often the beachwear of choice. The Pacific is a very cold ocean and the winds that blew onshore were mighty chilly.

I'd made trips to the beaches of Hawaii and Mexico, so I knew what a warm ocean felt like. I always thought you had to travel long distances to experience it. Then I moved to New England.

The Atlantic off the Cape in mid to late summer is a wonderful thing. Warm ocean currents, warm breezes - oh, it's lovely! We've spent a mininum of two weeks at the cape every year that I've lived here. The memories of the warm sand between my toes, body surfing in a warm, salty sea, sunbathing and people-watching on the beach...this is what gets me through the very LONG, very COLD, and very SNOWY winters.

After Darling Daughter was born, our vacation time was mostly watching over her as she played on the beach or the shallow waves. Now that she's older, and more independent, we all tend to do our own "thing." The Hubs always takes the kayaks and spends afternoons paddling along the little inlets and ponds. Darling Daughter has summer friends that she sees each year. It's been fun to watch the kids all grow up together.

I always take a totebag full of books and manage to read most of them before coming home. I also spend my time (when not driving Darling Daughter and friends to mini-golf, jump on trampolines, or ride the go-carts) browsing the shops (both classy and tacky!)

The last couple of years we have taken two vehicles, so that The Hubs can take off and kayak and I can do my thing. Even though we have a big 4-wheel drive pick-up, he ties the kayaks to the top of his little commuter car. It always makes me laugh - it reminds me of the Flintstones:

Last year he bought a small sailboat, and has already informed me that this year he will drive the pickup pulling the sailboat, but the kayaks are going to have to go on MY car. MY CAR? My cutie-patootie car? The cutest car EVER? My new little car that doesn't even have a scratch on it yet? I'm none too thrilled about that idea. I've driven his little car with the kayaks still on it and it's a bit disconcerting, having that big yellow thing sticking out over your head as you drive.

HOWEVER - I always found the car in a parking lot! Two yellow kayaks works a lot better than my little (pink) Mickey Mouse ears on the antenna!

The next couple of days I thought I'd post a few of my favorite photos from years past. Just to get me in the mood for the trip. (Like I need any help!!!)


noble pig said...

Is it bad to be jealous? I would love to spend time like that on an east coast beach...boo-hoo.

Tee said...

I've never been to the Cape in the summer. Been there several times in the fall, once in June and almost froze to death! We couldn't believe how cold it was the middle of June. Sounds like a great trip. Have you ever been to the Gulf of Mexico beach in FL? The beaches are wide, have beautiful white sand and the water is beautiful, but you have to watch out for the jelly fish.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! What a fun trip!! My daughter and I went walking down by the coast yesterday.. I think I avoided turning my ankle about 400,000 times! Ours is ROCKS! Not one ounce of sand. But its fun! Kids are going to G'ma's soon, Hubs and I are going to try to go West and explore that part of WA! Hope your vacation is WONDERFUL!!!