Monday, July 28, 2008

My Inheritance

Last week, I was chatting with someone I had never met before while standing in line at the grocery store. I immediately thought of my Grandma W. I've written before about Grandma W. and her ability to chat with and make friends anywhere. Anywhere you left her for more than a few minutes, actually. It's clear that I inherited this from her.

That got me thinking. ("Oh Lord!" I hear you saying, "She THINKING again!")

I was thinking of what other traits I've inherited.

From my mother, my sense of compassion and empathy. Also her sense of humor.

From my dad, my love of jazz; specifically, Dixieland jazz. And my sense of fiscal responsibility.

From both parents, my sense of responsibility.

From my Grandma W. (me mum's mum) - my ability to talk to strangers. Maybe just my ability to talk! Chatty, you might call us.

From Grandpa W., my sense of loyalty; and a love of gadgets.

From Grandma H., (me da's mum), the love of piano and piano music. I have memories of her standing over me while I played, and her commenting on my playing. (In a good way.) Also, the love of jazz music (which is where her son, my dad, inherited it).

From Grandpa H., love and nurturing, which I learned from the example he set in his relationship with Grandma.

I'd like to think that Darling Daughter is going to inherit some of these traits. I guess time will only tell.

What do you believe you've inherited?


MoziEsmé said...

What an awesome inheritance. Strange how I always think of the negatives when I think of my inherited traits - I'll need to spend some time thinking about this.

noble pig said...

From my Dad, a good outlook on life, which is all I need.

Tee said...

From both parents, hard worker, honest and reliable. I hope to avoid some things, but you've made me think.

Anonymous said...

Great Post.. I will have to think about this for awhile.. I loved reading about it!

Queen Goob said...

From my parents - compassion, tolerance, patience, and the love of books.

From my siblings – deviance and the appreciation of bodily functions.

From my kids - compassion, tolerance, patience, and the love of beer.

julie said...

a sense of faithfulness & commitment from both my folks

a weakness for a furry little critter face, from my maternal grandma

optimism and an embracing of what comes & a need for solitude, from my mother

generous-ness with my money, from my dad