Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back in the Zone..the Construction Zone, that is

After a month of vacation, the renovations of our house have swung back into action. This is the second week of coming home to surprises.

Last week was mostly more wall demolition, and setting the new light switches and fixtures.

Monday came home to find the tub and shower out. Surprise!

We have a very narrow, short, tiny (you get the idea it's small, right?) shower in our cellar that The Hubs installed years ago. The idea was that when he came in from doing yard work and other manly stuff he could wash up downstairs without tracking crap through my kitchen. Unfortunately with his health problems, the yard work stopped shortly after the shower was installed so it's mostly not been used.

I don't want you to get the idea that this is a finished basement, or anything cozy. This is a nearly 100 year old house with a cellar to match. Spiders, anyone? Anyone? It's also pretty chilly down there.

Darling Daughter says it's just like when she spent a week at Girl Scout Camp.

Each morning we gather our little collection of personal items and traipse downstairs to shower. The first morning was a bit of a shock but it's amazing how quickly you adjust. First thing I do is check the stall for spiders.

It's amazing how big the bathroom is without the encumbrance of tub and cabinets. Our house is so small, it's hard to look at the now-empty space and not think, "Man, we could put a computer desk in here and use it as an office!"

Wish we could! But I'm not willing to rebuild the outhouse out back, so a bathroom it will be.

One last thing before I head off to work at Job # 1.

Came home Tuesday to be told "I took the toilet out today to do some work. I put it back but it's not bolted down, so don't wiggle".

Don't wiggle.

Words to live by.


Sue said...

Don't wiggle..... I love that! Makes you kind of wonder what he does on the potty?!

Tee said...

I would be afraid to use it, that the seal might break and it would leak. That would freak me out. You can pretend you are camping using the shower in the basement.

noble pig said...

Yeah, don't tip the bowl when it's full, yikes!

Melisa said...

Don't wiggle! LOVE IT!

MoziEsmé said...

At least you got a warning!

Anonymous said...

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